Nico Bastone Photography "The Eyes... The Soul"




Yashica FR with 50mm f/1.7


50mm  f/1.7







Type: TTL metering fully automatic exposure 35 mm SLR camera.

Standard Lenses: Yashica lens DSB 50 mm f/1.9, Yashica Lens ML 50 mm f/1.7, Yashica Lens ML 50 mm f/1.4, Yashica Lens ML 55 mm f/1.2 (each with automatic diaphragm).

Lens Mount: Contax/Yashica

Shutter: Electronically controlled horizontal run focal plane shutter. Shutter speeds 1 - 1/1000 sec. manual shutter speed settings. Also bulb setting (B) and flash synchronization setting (^t) Direct X hotshoe and X sync terminal on camera body.

Self Timer: Built-in lever type; releases in approx. 7 sec.

Shutter Release: Feather-touch electromagnetic release; release socket on camera body for auxiliary shutter release.

Exposure Meter: TTL aperture-preferred fully automatic exposure control with manual override. Center weighted full aperture light metering via SPA cell.

Exposure Check Button: Push button type with slide lock. Lock releases on film advance lever return.

Exposure Range: Between EV 1 - 18 with f/1.4 standard lens using ASA 100 film.

ASA Film Speed Settings: ASA 12 - 3200

Power Source: 6 V silver oxide battery (Eveready 544, Ucar 544, Mallory PX-28 or equivalent).

Viewfinder: Through-the-lens reflex viewfinder; shows a field of approx. 92% of the actual picture area with an image magnification of 0.87X. Aperture and shutter speeds visible in the viewfinder; pointer exposure indicators.

Focusing Screen: Diagonal split-image center spot with microprism collar.

Film Advance: 140 single-stroke or multiples stroke film advance lever advances exposure frame, sets exposure counter, charges the electronic shutter and unlocks the exposure check button. Sequential film advance up to 2 fps with optional Yashica Winder unit.

Film Rewind: Via film rewind crank.

Back Cover: Standard back opens via film rewind crank; interchangeability with Data Back.

Other Features: Battery confirmation lamp illuminates exposure counter for viewing in the dark, lens release button, depth-of-field preview button, multiple exposure capability.

Dimensions: 142.5 x 87 x 50 mm.

Weight: 660 grams (body only)