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Rollei 35 T with Tessar 40/3.5

Rollei 35T

with lens

Rollei HFT®
Tessar 40mm f/3.5

made by Rollei
under license from Carl Zeiss,
Oberkochen, West Germany


Type: 24 x 36 mm compact view finder camera with manual pointer, meter needle exposure control.

Specification: Collapsible lens, bet-ween-lens shutter 1/2 to 1/500 sec and B, double exposure and blank frame-lock, exposure metering system coupled to aperture and shutter speed settings, film speed range 25-1600 ASA 15-33 DIN, indicator dial for film type loaded, zelf-zeroing frame counter, X-center contact for flash guns, cable release socket, fitting for carrying strap.

Exposure meter: Pointer/meter needle aligning system with CdS-cell, directed metering to subject foreground, measuring range with 100 ASA 21 DIN film 16 - 16,000 cd/m2, 17.9 - 17.900 cd/sq.yd.; power supply by a MR-9 mercury-battery with 1.35 volts.

Finder system: Optical view finder 0.6x, bright-line frame with parallax marks, showing surrounding subject field.

Lens: Rollei HFT® Tessar 40mm f/3.5, filter thread E 24 x 0.5, made by Rollei under license from Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen, West Germany; collapsible with shutter tensioned. Four elements, four components, aperture range 3.5 to 22, manual focusing to 3 ft / 0.9 m.

Dimensions: Approx. 97x60x30 mm.

Weight: Approx. 325g

Accessories: Carrying strap, carrying case, eveready case, lens cap, folding lens hood with E 24 x 0,5 thread; medium yellow, orange, UV, R 1.5 filter with E 24 x 0,5 thread.

Rollei 35 T - Figure 1


Controls and components:

  1  Shutter speed dial

  2  Film type indicator

  3  Depth of field scale

  4  Lens

  5  Aperture setting dial

  6  Automatic locking ledge for aperture setting dial

  7  Film speed dial

  8  Finder eyepiece

  9  Film rewind lever

10  Frame counter

11  Camera back

12  Fitting for carrying strap

13  Brilliant frame view finder

14  Winding lever for film advance and shutter tensioning

15  Lens barrel release button

16  Meter needle for exposure control

17  Matching pointer

18  Release button with cable release socket

19  CdS cell

20  Accessory shoe with center contact

21  Back lock

22  Distance setting ring

23  Tripod socket 1/4"

24  Rewind crank

25  Screw cap for battery compartment

26  Film pressure plate

27  Sprocket shaft for film advance

28  Slot of take-up spool

29  Milled wheel

30  Rewind axle


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