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METZ Mecablitz 28 AF-3C digital  METZ Mecablitz 28 AF-3C digital

         Technical data


Guide number at ISO 1000/21°:

28 (with 7mm telephoto attachment),

22 (without attachment),

16 (with wide-angle diffuser)

Flash modes: TTL, Manual M and MLo


and additionally ...


with 28 AF-3 C digital: Canon E-TTL flash exposure storage FE

with 28 AF-3 N digital: Nikon i-TTL, i-TTl-BL

with 28 AF-3 M digital: Minolta ADI and preflash technology for
                                         digital cameras

with 28 AF-3 O digital: Olympus TTL for Camedia digital cameras


... depending on the type of camera used.



Manual light output settings: P 1/1, P 1/8

Sensitivity: ISO 6 ... ISO 6400

Colour temperature: approx... 5600K

Flash duration: 1/300 s ... 1/45000 s with TTL

Recycling times with full-power flash:

with alkaline manganese batteries approx. 8 s

with NiCad batteries approx. 6 s,

with NiMH batteries approx.  6 s

Power sources: 2 AAA batteries

Number of flashes at full light output:

with alkaline manganese batteries > 100,

with NiCad batteries (250 mAh) >   35,

with NiMH batteries (700 mAh) > 100

Light coverage: rectangular

Focal length in keeping with 35mm format:

As of 24mm with wide-angle diffuser (horizontal 75°, vertical approx. 55°).

As of 35mm without attachment (horizontal approx. 56°, vertical approx. 40°).

As of 85mm with telephoto attachment (horizontal approx. 25°, vertical approx. 18°).

Weight: approx. 100 g (without batteries)

Dimensions (w x h x d): 58mm x 85mm x 32.5mm

Included: Flash unit, Interchangeable telephoto attachment (85 mm), Wide-angle attachment (24 mm),

operating instrucions.


The METZ Mecablitz 28 AF-3 digital unit operates fully automatically and is so compact that it will readily fit into any jacket pocket. This model may not be the biggest or most powerful, but it has a decent amount of features while keeping things simple. It offers a Guide Number of 28m @ ISO 100, which is approximately double that of most cameras’ onboard flash.
Featuring TTL operation, the unit works with your camera’s metering system to produce the ideal power/exposure combination. There’s also a manual output option with Lo and Hi settings, and a two-setting zoom option covering 35mm or 24mm with an included wideangle diffuser attachment.
The results from the METZ Mecablitz 28 AF-3 digital are mixed. Some images are slightly underexposed, especially when shooting against a white wall, for example, though more mixed backgrounds produce better results. The illumination is even across the frame, though wideangle shots show fall-off, with 24mm providing the best illumination.
Compared with integrated flash, it offers significant benefits in terms of performance. Modern flash technology achieves highly accurate light output with different precision flash metering methods, depending on the given camera manufacturer: from Canon E-TTL (METZ Mecablitz 28 AF-3C digital) and Nikon i-TTL or i-TTL-BL flash mode right up to Konica Minolta Dimage DI flash exposure control. Available for digital cameras from Canon, Konica/Minolta, Nikon and Olympus.